About the site

Hello! My name is Andrew, and I’m a graphic designer. I live and work in Poland. I would like to share the story of mockups-design.com, explain why I created it, and why I decided to create free mockups.

Mockups-design.com is the realization of my wildest dreams! As a passionate graphic designer, I tirelessly searched for a free collection of mockups to effortlessly showcase my creative projects. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any platform that fit the bill.

But guess what? After years of longing, I took matters into my own hands and created the website I had been yearning for! Let me share the exciting journey that brought me here and the unique features that make my platform stand out.

Many years ago, when I started my own business – a small graphic design studio specializing in packaging design – I had a brilliant idea. I thought, “Why not create a little blog for graphic experts where I can show my passion and learn new things?”

That’s when I began making mockups for this local blog. I wanted to attract new users to my blog, and I thought offering free mockups would be a fantastic way to do it.

It turned out that the mockup idea was a big hit. The blog started getting popular in Poland, and graphic designers reached out to me, saying they used my mockups and found them helpful in their work. The number of downloads kept increasing too! Although it sometimes took time away from my daily tasks, I spent more and more time creating mockups to promote the website.

Over time, I started getting emails from users outside of Poland who also used my mockups and encouraged me to create more. I absolutely loved it! To make it easier for them to download my work and reach an even larger user base, I created a brand-new website: mockups-design.com.

Just a few days after its launch, the website had hundreds of users every day. With each passing day, it kept getting better and better. I started seeing my mockups more and more in the presentations of other graphic designers and graphic design companies. The website was becoming increasingly popular, gaining new users, and slowly igniting a completely new project idea within me.

In the meantime, I decided to create an online store dedicated to packaging mockups. And that’s how smartymockups.com came to life. When I managed to sell my first mockup, I made a tough decision. I chose to resign from working with my existing clients and devoted myself solely to creating mockups. The majority of my focus was on packaging… and I counted over 5000 packaging mockups that I had created.

Since then, I divide my attention equally between smartymockups.com and mockups-design.com. I won’t hide that my heart beats stronger for mockups-design.com, and it’s the website I want to dedicate myself to the most.

Creating all these mockups on my own is an incredibly fun experience for me. I wouldn’t trade this work for anything else. Only here can I freely mix the graphic techniques I love with the freedom of working without a boss or client.

Because in reality, you are my clients. The users of mockups-design.com, and it’s always about you that I think when I create each new mockup. Since I made my first mockup, I have learned so much. And I don’t just mean graphic design software, but also what makes a well-executed mockup and the visualization of a project.

I try to observe trends in presenting graphic designs and adapt to them. I don’t agree with everything I see, but whenever I create a new mockup, I strive to filter it through my own perceptual senses so that the mockup I create reflects how I believe a graphic project should be presented.

And this should always be focused on the project itself. Over the years, it’s become increasingly clear that mockups are becoming more popular and visible in the graphic design community. Unfortunately, this often leads to the mockup being just as important or even more important than the actual project it visualizes. When creating my mockups, I always try to avoid such an approach and make them in a way that puts the project itself in the spotlight.

For you – the users of mockups-design.com, there is another significant value that this site offers. The fact that all mockups have their legal status regulated. Each mockup on the site has the same license for commercial use. This provides you with the guarantee of the legal origin of the materials used to create the mockup.

There are plenty of websites with free mockups out there, but only mockups-design.com provides them on its own servers with its own license for practically unlimited usage.

The mockup you download from mockups-design can be (and often is) used by major companies in their largest advertising campaigns. Prominent creative agencies utilize mockups in their presentations because they have the assurance that there will never be any legal issues. Undoubtedly, this is another advantage that makes mockups-design.com such a unique platform.

To make the experience of using my mockups as convenient as possible for you, I have decided to host them on my own servers. When you choose a mockup from mockups-design.com, you can be certain that you won’t be redirected to another page… and another. By clicking the Download button, you can be confident that you will receive the file you selected, without being redirected or encountering a 404 page. This applies to both new and old mockups.

All of this is done to ensure that creating graphic design presentations using mockups-design.com is as close to perfection as possible and becomes a simple and obvious task for you.

I sincerely hope that you will love my mockups, that they will help you in your work and enable you to earn a little faster and easier. Because that’s what mockups are all about: a tool designed to help you sell your designs more easily and convince clients.

I truly believe that ever since I started my journey with mockups many years ago, I have been fulfilling my mission diligently, so that you and your clients are satisfied with the prepared projects.