All files that you can find and download from belong to the owner of the site and the brand. All files on the site have a Royalty Free license. This means that they can be used in commercial and private projects.

All files downloaded from can be used in any project for you or your client. They can be used digitally (Internet, banners, private or company portfolio, etc.) as well as in a printed format (press advertisement, flyers, banners, etc.). They can also be used on television and in other mass media.

When using our mockups, you do not have to add information or link to the site from which they were downloaded.


The files downloaded from cannot be distributed or sold as PSD files (or in any other open format that is available). Files may not be distributed on any other sites except This applies to modified and unmodified files. Mock-ups cannot be separated from this license.


Can I use your mockup on my website for a private or company portfolio?
Of course. As long as you modify our files on your computer and publish them on your website as non-editable image files (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), there are no limitations for using our mockups.

How can I submit your files for print, in line with the license?
Similarly to the method presented above. As long as you save modified files in a non-editable format (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), you can distribute them. You can also attach them to a PDF file (or another file required by a printing house, e.g. eps, indd, etc.). Remember to be sure that the attached files are flattened and not editable (flattened PDF and TIFF files may also be treated as closed files).

I really like your mockups and I would like to publish them on my website. Can I do this?
Unfortunately, no. Mockups that we create and share can only be distributed via However, you can share a link to our website or mockup.

If I modify a PSD file and save it as a JPG, can I publish it on a stock or micro-stock site?
Also no. Such a modified file is still our property and cannot be distributed or sold on stock-type sites.

Can I collect a fee from my client for modifying a PSD file and sending it to them as a JPG file?
Of course. We actually encourage you to use our files to make a profit.