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About MD

There are a whole lot of reasons. Making free mockups is closest to my nature. (I really miss the social, free internet, where people just share what they like to do). I like sharing my work with people and I love seeing the effects of someone else’s work on the visualizations I make.

Managing a website that generates advertising-based income is much easier than running an online store (I know something about that). When making free mockups, I don’t feel pressure that they have to be perfect (although I always try to make them so). I know that since I make them available for free, nothing bad will happen if I make a mistake at some point.

In addition, I love to learn and try new things. In fact, mockups-design.com is my giant playground where I test and check various techniques. When creating paid mockups, I couldn’t afford it. The pressure of responsibility would be too great!

I used to think a lot about it. And I was actually afraid of it. However, today I know that however fantastic it sounds, it is exactly the opposite. The demand for mockups in the graphic world is simply huge. There is no chance that one person could create so many mockups to be a real competition for such a huge base of mockups. In fact, I make and concentrate only the most necessary and basic mockups.

Thanks to such a free mockup database, the appetite of graphic designers for other mockups is only growing. And you can clearly see that it is getting bigger and bigger. A lot of designers and graphic companies learn from my mockups how to use them in their daily work. And sooner or later they come across a moment when they start looking for others. Often already the premium ones.

And I can assure you that it’s not just my imagination. I get tons of emails from people who have described their stories like this. More than one graphic design professor has thanked me for providing free materials to their students. Then, when they received diplomas and started their careers, they reached for more specialized mockups.

The world of graphic design is huge and I believe that there is a lot of room in it for a free base of mockups, but also for more specialized ones, for which the user has to pay. These are not two conflicting worlds, but complementary.

At the moment, I make a living only from making mockups – it’s my only source of income. In addition, my attention is mainly focused on free mockups. I hope you understand that some form of earning is necessary, and advertising is the most convenient and reasonable source of income.

Although I don’t like them, because they spoil the look of the site and are quite intrusive, they must appear to keep me and the servers. Because it’s worth remembering that, unlike other websites with mockups, you can download them from my own servers, without having to log in, leave your data, etc. Unfortunately, it costs … a lot.

Advertisements allow you to keep this whole business in one piece, so even if they irritate you a bit, try not to discourage me from the site and understand my situation.

I described the exact story in the About page. But in short, because I love doing it. Making mockups combines all the areas that I like to do and devote myself to: graphic design, 3D, web design and photography.

Thanks to the fact that I have devoted myself completely to it, I do not have a boss or clients who would influence my design and decision-making processes in any way. This is probably the dream of every working person, and certainly a graphic designer.

Of course, I make mockups in Photoshop. I prepare source materials for mockups as 3D graphics or photos. I use Cinema 4D for 3D graphics. I used to use V-Ray for rendering. Now I mainly use Octane. I also have KeyShot installed, in which I made a lot of mockups, especially packaging. A bit to test myself, I often use Blender and Cycles to prepare 3D graphics. For photo mockups I use a Canon R camera with my beloved Canon Rf 70-200 F4 lens.

I like to believe that every mockup I share on the website is perfect. But the truth is, I don’t always manage to maintain the level of quality that I am satisfied with. Sometimes I have a bad day (or week), sometimes I rush through something too quickly. And sometimes, only later do I realize that certain things could have been done differently.

There is another very important reason. I started many mockups solely for the purpose of learning. It happens that a mockup that had educational value for me may not be visually appealing.

Sometimes, the mockup itself is great, but the sample design is not the best, which affects the perception of the mockup.

In each of these cases, I believe that since I am sharing these mockups for free, they can be useful to someone in their work. I could strive for a certain level of perfection and only publish the best materials, but I have seen that even the weaker mockups can shine in your hands with the right editing.

I won’t be able to teach you because I wouldn’t even know where to start. There are countless techniques for creating mockups, and it’s up to you to figure out how to piece everything together. I started creating mockups in 3D, but I also love making them from my own photographs. The assembly process in Photoshop is relatively straightforward, but I had to figure out certain solutions on my own to find what works best for the work I do.

In my case, creating mockups involves constantly trying new things, learning new software, and approaching the same subjects from different angles. It seems to me that it’s not something that can be fully taught.

License and legals

Yes! There are no hidden licenses or additions here. You can download any mockup from the site and use it without any additional fees, both commercially and privately. For more details, please refer to the license.

To see precisely what you can and can’t do with mockups from mockups-design.com, please refer to the license page. But in short, you can do whatever you want with them. There are only two restrictions that I would like you to abide by.

  • Do not share my mockups as open PSD or TIF files.
  • Do not sell or distribute them on stock/microstock websites, both paid and free ones.

Yes, of course. As long as you do not share the open PSD files on your or your client’s website, you can publish your work using mockups on platforms like Creative Market, Graphic River, Fiverr, etc.

If you are using the mockup solely for presenting the material you are selling, you can do so. In other words, if you are using the mockup to showcase a project, graphic, illustration, font, etc., and those items are the subject of your sale, then you are free to utilize mockups from mockups-design.com to present the items you are selling.

Absolutely, yes. You can use my mockups in any commercial project, regardless of its size, scale, or scope. There is no limitation on using graphics created with mockups from mockups-design.com on television, billboards, or in online advertising campaigns.

Yes, you can. You are free to customize it according to your needs and modify it to best fit your project. I encourage you to do so to the fullest extent and not limit yourself in any way.

No, you cannot. The modified mockup remains my work and can only be published on mockups-design.com. However, there is nothing stopping you from modifying the mockup for your own or your client’s purposes.

Absolutely. That’s precisely what mockups are for – to showcase your work and present it both online and to clients during the process of creating projects for them.

Certainly! I encourage you to make a substantial income by utilizing the mockups from mockups-design.com. You are allowed to monetize them as long as you comply with their licensing terms.

No, you cannot do that, whether it’s with the provided sample design or with your own inserted design. However, you can use the mockup from mockups-design.com to showcase a project that you are selling on a stock website. In other words, if the item being sold is your own project/font/graphic/illustration/animation, you can use the mockup for presenting it.

No, you cannot. Sharing my mockups is only allowed on the mockups-design.com website. If you publish the modified or unmodified mockup on your website, you would be in violation of the license terms. However, there is nothing stopping you from providing a link to the mockups from mockups-design.com. In fact, I strongly encourage you to do so.

Requests and custom jobs

Maybe yes, maybe no! If you have an idea for a mockup and would like to share it, send it to me. Just remember to provide a detailed description. Attach images of the material you would like to see as a mockup. Share any links to other mockups or visualizations of a similar nature. Without a precise description supported by good graphic documentation, I won’t be able to undertake the creation of the mockup.

Most likely not. However, if you have an idea for a mockup, I would love to hear it. Many people send me their ideas, and many of the mockups you can see on mockups-design.com are the result of such proposals.

Just remember, when sending an idea, include a graphic, photo, or link to the item. I often receive very brief requests for mockup creation, but they are so general that even if I wanted to fulfill them, I wouldn’t know exactly what is needed.

I’m sorry, but I can’t assist with that. Many people would like me to dedicate my time to customizing one of the mockups for their project, but unfortunately, I can’t do that. There are various reasons for this, ranging from lack of time to technical limitations. If you’re a graphic designer, I believe you understand why I can’t provide such assistance.

No, I’m sorry, but I no longer offer graphic design services. It’s possible that you may find someone more suitable and skilled in this field to assist you with your project.

Technical issues

Here, you’ll find a short but completely sufficient instruction on how to use the mockups downloaded from mockups-design.com. You can also search for appropriate tutorials on youtube.com. You’ll find many fantastic guides on how to use mockups there. These tutorials often utilize mockups from this website, so you’ll definitely find plenty of helpful materials.

To use the mockups downloaded from mockups-design.com, you will need Adobe Photoshop. Many mockups are prepared to be fully compatible with the older version, Photoshop CS6.

If you are using an even older version of Photoshop, expect difficulties. It is also possible that you may not be able to use the mockup at all.

On the mockups-design.com are also mockups that require the latest version of Photoshop at the time, especially those that utilize advanced Warp features.

That’s not good. Please let me know about it. In your message, please mention which mockup you’re referring to by sending a link to the problematic mockup’s subpage. Also, make sure to specify which browser you are using.

Okay, let’s try to figure this out. First, let me know which mockup you’re referring to by sending a link to the page of the mockup that isn’t working or by mentioning the mockup number in your message (e.g., MD249_Free_Pendrive_Mockup). Also, let me know which version of Photoshop you’re using and provide details about the issue you’re experiencing.

Unfortunately, I often receive messages like “Your mockup isn’t working, help me.” As you can probably guess, without specific information, I can’t assist you or fix the mockup. If the issue is on the mockup’s side, I’ll do my best to fix it within a few hours.

It shouldn’t be like that. The website and mockup files are hosted on a very fast server, and downloading a mockup should only take a few moments.

If you’re experiencing slow download speeds, please wait a moment and try again. It’s possible that there is high traffic on the website, and the download speed is being distributed among multiple users. Sometimes, simply waiting for a few minutes can restore the website’s speed to normal.

If you believe the issue is on the website or server side, please let me know by mentioning the browser you’re using and the country from which you’re downloading the file.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you much with that. It all depends on the operating system you’re using. Most modern operating systems have a built-in program for extracting .zip files, so you shouldn’t have any issues with it.

However, if you are experiencing any problems, I can say with 99.9999% certainty that the issue lies with your computer, and you’ll need to troubleshoot it on your own.

If you’re certain that the problem is with the file from the mockups-design.com, please let me know which mockup you’re referring to. Please provide the link or the mockup number. I’ll try to resolve such issues as quickly as possible.

If you have Photoshop installed on your computer, there shouldn’t be any issues with opening PSD files. However, if you’re experiencing problems, it’s likely due to an error on your computer. The most common cause of issues with PSD files is attempting to open them with older versions of Photoshop. Most mockups from mockups-design.com require at least Photoshop CS6, and some may require the latest version.

Unfortunately, if you’re trying to open a PSD mockup in a Photoshop version older than CS6, you may encounter significant problems or even be unable to edit them. Regrettably, I can’t assist you in such cases.

If you have some knowledge of Photoshop, you shouldn’t have any problems with this. I try to create my mockups in a way that makes them easy to use. All you need to do is locate the Smart Object layer, double-click on its preview, and in the popped-up window, paste (or create) your design. I have described the entire process in more detail in a specially prepared guide called How to Use Mockups.