The benefits of mockups

If you already know what mockups are, it is worth considering the benefits of using them. Honestly? There are tons of them.

Mockup in portfolio presentation
First thought: you can use the mockup as an illustration for your blog.

Portfolio and social media presentation

Let’s start with something obvious. You have completed the project for the client. You have just received the final approval and would like to show off your new project. Sure, you can paste your design on a black background and showcase your work that way. But it is far too little these days.

In order to break through with your project, you will need to use a perfect presentation that will highlight the merits of your project (perhaps it will hide those less glorious qualities a bit). You can create such a presentation yourself and photograph it. You can also use 3d graphics for this. Unfortunately, both methods take a lot of time. It will be much better and faster to use a prepared mockup for this.

Thanks to this, you can put it in your portfolio or present it on social media just a few moments after you finish working on the project. Do you know what else is important? If for some reason you need to go back to your project and fix something, it will take literally a few seconds to re-paste the project into the mockup.

Mockup used in customer presentation
Nowadays it is very important how you show your work.

Customer Presentation

You have just finished initial designs and want to present them to the client. You’re not gonna send them as a raw JPEG, are you? Pasting a design into a mockup takes just a few moments (okay, finding a nice mockup may take a bit longer, but that’s what is for). The project presented in the form of a visualization benefits many times.

The customer can see what his material will actually look like. The presentation itself, if it is neat and aesthetic, makes the client willing to accept the project faster. As every designer knows, customers see designs in a slightly different way than designers do. Using a mockup helps them to see what the project will actually look like without leaving anything unsaid.

Last thing. No less important and written from personal experience. When you show the client your project on the visualization, the client feels more appreciated. He knows what he paid for. For you, it is hardly any additional work, and the impression of the work presented in this way is much greater. Needless to say, you can get a higher fee for a better job?

Mockup can really speed-up design process
Yes! You can make a big impression on the client with a mockup.

Design process

It is hard to believe, but there are still designers in the world who do not use mockups when they create a project themselves. And after all, pasting your design into a mockup of the appropriate material can help in many important matters. First of all, errors in the aspect ratio of elements and font sizes are avoided. This mainly applies to small formats. Business cards, small flyers, labels. For our eye, it is much easier to spot all the elements that are not well-sized on the mockup. The same project that seems perfectly fine in Illustrator, inDesign, or Photoshop may look a little different in the actual project. Mockups help catch any errors of this type.

It is not a stupid idea to perform initial projects in the Smart Object layer of the mockup, so that you can preview the project on the mockup each time you save such a layer.

Using a mockup can make life easier for your client ... but also for you.

E-commerce usage

It is obvious that not every mockup is suitable for this, but many people forget that a mockup can be used as a packshot. Such a packshot can be used in the store, on the website or in the customer’s social media, saving a lot of time and money.

When you find the right mockup of the packaging, literally a few moments after the customer accepts the project, you can create a credible visualization of the product, which can already earn money before the product is produced. At a time when customers are always in a hurry and make changes to the design until the last possible moment, using a mockup as the final product visualization is a really powerful advantage.

Mockup used in advertise
To make a good impression, you just need to make a little effort and try.

Use in advertising

Thanks to mockups, you can get its visualization ready a few minutes after finishing work on the project. And this allows you to use it in advertising a product. Be it on social media, in the press or even on TV. This is undoubtedly a great help in working on a product that is to be widely promoted.

Some mockups are made to look like ready-made advertising photography. All you need to do is paste the design of your packaging, and in a few moments you can get ready graphics to be used as key visual.