Free box mockups /100x80x30 mmFree box mockups /100x80x30 mmFree box mockups /100x80x30 mm

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PSD File
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Smart Objects
Smart Objects

Every designer loves box mockup. That is why we decided to publish these fabolous fully customizable box mockups. This time in popular dimensions 100x80x300 mm.

Additional info:

  • For private & comercial purpose
  • Exlusive for Mockup`s Design
  • Customizable backgrounds
  • 3 shots / angles

You can use this material for private and commercial purpose. You may freely modify and customize it to your needs. You can not distribute it outside this site, sell or place on sites like stock / micro-stock. If the link above will not work as it should, let me know about it, and I`ll deal with it as soon as possible.